Mini-Express, Zoo and custom Trackless Trains

Trackless Trains

The Mini-Express Trackless train, a quiet, safe and environmentally friendly electric train. Wattman is the only mall train manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own trackless power train.

While all other companies build their locomotive from a third party industrial vehicle (a stock chaser), the Mini-Express Trackless train is totally built and assembled at our factory inCanada. Because of this, Wattman has constantly introduced and integrated new features and options such as the anti-collision system. From the customer support perspective, it’s reassuring to know that all parts are in stock and that the customer that will contact technical support will talk to an engineer that actually designed the train.

The Mini Express is also the only mall train that offers a 2 year warranty. Only a company that controls its production can stand behind the product such as Wattman does. We don’t simply dress up a locomotive, we design and build it!